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Commercial structures face differing levels of risk associated with HEMP/EMP threats, CBRN threat, climate change and natural events, accidents or intentional (criminal or terrorist) events. The development of effective and efficient client/project-specific mitigation strategies requires the use of Risk Assessment. Risk is a combination of credible threats, vulnerability and consequence. Certain geographical areas have particular risk factors that affect facility capability need and placement such as population density, presence of critical infrastructure, location in a high terrorist threat or high natural disaster areas and military base/complex proximity.

Hardened Structures employs the latest Department of Homeland Defense and approved sensory and filtering equipment to protect commercial and government buildings. Hardened Structures is currently working to protect commercial and government facilities from the Mid-East to California.

HEMP/EMP Threats

Electromagnetic pulse represents the most devastating threat to any commercial enterprise in the world today. Shielding and mitigation measures to protect from this overwhelming catastrophe requires electrical engineering expertise of a unique and highly trained nature. Our team have been recognized both nationally and internationally as experts in HEMP/EMP shielding mitigation.

The CBRN Threat

Counter-terrorism experts within the DHS, CDC, and NIOSH are vexed by commercial and public building vulnerability. An office building has a high concentration of human life encapsulated in a small space; an ideal target for today’s merciless terrorist. The experts repeatedly identify the HVAC system as the most likely distribution point for a toxic attack.

Structural Hardening of Buildings and Structures

Innovative structural solutions are needed to “harden” new or existing commercial structures to accommodate client priorities. The Hardened Structures Team of specially trained design firms and general contractors has the required experience to design, engineer, and manage the construction of these specialized projects.

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