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Hardened Structures
Hardened Structures


Client confidentiality, Project Secrecy/Security, Clandestine Construction

The Hardened Structures Team analyzes all options for shelter construction including concrete, steel, fiberglass or composites to find the best fit for our client’s unique shelter, sustainability and funding requirements and implement a design/build program for that particular client. Experience has shown there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to Shelter construction. Simply stated, we work for you as your private Facility Staff providing single point responsibility for the fast and efficient delivery of your Facility in a stealthy and secret atmosphere.

Our experience has proved that the basic fundamental rule necessary to successfully execute Covert Construction and Clandestine Contracting techniques is “Need to Know.” The level of secrecy is established by our Client and is a direct determinant affecting the overall cost.

Our services can range from complete design and build to working directly with your preferred architect and / or contractor to provide specific consulting services.

We can bring in our own specialized workers and we have perfected the protection process to ensure that no one subcontractor or supplier will fully know the final function or true capability of our Client’s facility.
Some of the techniques we employ include: 

  • Compartmentalized and Furtive Construction Scopes
  • Phased Critical Path Construction Techniques
  • Specialized Out-Of-Town Subcontractors and Suppliers
  • Multiple Surreptitious Project Identifications
  • Correlated CAD Drawings and Specifications
  • And Other Time Tested (and Secret) Clandestine Strategies

The importance of Client Confidentiality and Project Secrecy/Security cannot be overstated. We serve as our Client’s Agent and Representative by implementing and enforcing Client/Project specific security and confidentiality parameters throughout the Design, Planning, and Construction Process.

Fortified Home With Bunker nearing completion

2012 Structure

Starting a Multi-Level Underground Bunker