EMP Protection

Hardened Structures provides world-class
expertise in Electromagnetic Pulse and
Geomagnetic Storm protection

An atmospheric nuclear explosion creates a very powerful energy pulse called an HAEMP (high altitude electromagnetic pulse), capable of causing severe damage hundreds of miles away. HAEMP is similar to an invisible lightning strike, but contains higher frequencies that may render standard lightning protection measures ineffective.

Similar to HAEMP, a geomagnetic storm caused by coronal magnetic eruptions (CME) (associated with solar flares) can create a long-duration pulse that can burn out utility power transformers and cause widespread power outages. The effects of HAEMP and SOLAR FLARES will readily penetrate an unprotected shelter and couple onto all electrical conductors, damaging or destroying appliances, personal computers, HDTVs, and medical electronics such as pacemakers.

The president's commission on the effects of EMP has identified Geomagnetic Pulse and Electromagnetic Storms as primary threats.

Mitigating the catastrophic effects of HAEMP and Geomagnetic storms (SOLAR FLARES) requires highly specific engineering know-how. Many of the world’s top specialists work for Hardened Structures. Our engineering methodology employs a triple-layer strategy.

  • First, the equipment or rooms that require protection (e.g. communications console, utility room, electrical service room, entertainment room, or even the entire shelter), are covered with an overall shield. This is the first line of defense and provides excellent, although not perfect, protection. The shield must be very carefully designed and constructed; e.g., improper materials selection may not achieve enough shielding, incompatible materials may result in corrosion, and incorrect seams or bonding may greatly reduce or even destroy the shield's effectiveness.
  • A second layer of protection is provided, including additional shielding and/or local protective clamp devices. Although the amount of HAEMP that will penetrate the outer shield is greatly attenuated, a small amount of residual energy may still be sufficient to harm delicate electronics.
  • Electromagnetic infiltration testing - all projects are thoroughly tested for EMP on a 360 degree perimeter.
EMP Shielding
Specialized EMP Equipment
Solar Flare
(Geomagnetic Storm)

In cases where equipment or room shield is not desired or practical, HS installs specialized equipment (including power generators) that has been specifically “hardened” to withstand EMP.

The following graphic represents the requirement for "Military-Grade" EMP hardening. This profile was developed from extensive research into EMP effects of nuclear weapons, and known vulnerabilities of equipment, electronics, and infrastructure. In a typical "military-grade" EMP shield, an additional "de-rating" margin is added which allows for the facility to degrade over time and still meet this minimum EMP profile.

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