Survival Communities around the world

Current Survival communities in development using
Hardened Structures Custom designed
TEOTWAYKI shelters or the new Genesis series

Contact your local Hardened Structures Office
for pricing and delivery information 877-486-0084

Surefire Living The only legit secure survival community open to citizens in the US, possibly on the world….

  • United States
    (East & West Coast)
  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Slovakia / Czech Rep.
  • United Kingdom
  • Latvia
  • Russia

Contact your local Hardened structures office for more information.

Each "Genesis" community will be comprised of 17 to 20 Genesis Pods connected to a Central "Genesis" Dome. The communities are designed to accommodate 200 people for 1 year. Occupants can choose either a suite or a communal bunk. See the Genesis Series page for layout information.

Genesis Dome Expansion
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