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Security Assessment

The best and brightest security & threat assessment team in the world

The Hardened Structures team represents the best and brightest building security assessment professionals in the world today. With over 40 years experience we have the talent and specific engineering expertise, equipment, supplies and specialized components to immediately commence work and complete a quality project in the shortest possible time.

At Hardened Structures our ONLY mission is to provide a professional, “ALL HAZARDS” comprehensive approach to building security evaluations – encompassing the full spectrum of Threat Assessments, Asset Assessment and Recommended Countermeasures and Components.

Security Assessments

Threat Hazard Assessment Full Risk Assessment Vulnerability Assessment
Countermeasures Asset Value Assessment Hardening Assessment/Recommendations

Risk Control & Risk Management

Concepts of risk control and management are central to the Hardened Structures evaluation and planning process. Risk control strives to minimize or eliminate to the extent possible each identified risk through the application of appropriate security strategies or “Hardening” measures. Risk management, in contrast, evaluates and quantifies identified risks, then prioritizes the requirements for security measures based on the asset criticality, and vulnerability.

The Hardened Structures team security assessment team identifies risks that can be controlled. The client determines which ones to accept, transfer, or avoid, taking into account that security measures or “Hardening” required to reduce or eliminate some risks might not be cost-effective or appropriate.

The risk analysis phase of a Hardened structures security assessment is based on the asset vulnerabilities or exposure identified during the vulnerability analysis. A loss event probability and impact assessment is carried out to determine the existing asset exposure or loss and its potential effects on the organization/company/structure.

Security Risk Flow Chart

Categorize loss event probability/impact
Identify and prioritize asset risk
Establish risk decision criteria
Apply risk criteria
Determine level of protection/hardening program

Our assessment teams (Red Teams) are led by US Navy Seal Commander (ret) James G. Liddy and Wayne B. Black. Mr. Liddy is an internationally recognized expert on counter terrorism, critical infrastructure protection and special operations. Wayne Black has more than 36 years of experience and is an expert in analyzing complex internal and external threats for governments and financial institutions. Both are utilized by corporations, the US Department of Defense, and the Department of Homeland Security.

The Hardened Structures team offers the world’s finest security assessment professionals, structural engineers, blast engineers, EMP engineers, and state-of-the-art Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Toxic detection system engineers and system providers.