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Silo Conversions

Missile Silos or Bunkers can be carefully upgraded, retrofitted, and converted for extreme survivability and ultimate comfort

Beneath the grime, water and other signs of outward distress, many former nuclear bases and missile bunkers retain their top-notch construction achieved with the highest grade steel and concrete materials. Designed to last for generations, these locations can be inwardly and outwardly restored to provide unparalleled protection and security.

Hardened Structures has completed several retrofits of existing missile silos and telecommunication bunkers which include a private runway and helicopter landing pad, fiber optics, ventilation systems designed to detect and eliminate CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) contaminants, and a five star executive living interior.

These silos or bunkers, when fully retrofitted, offer single families or groups of families forming a survival community, exceptional survivability in a comfortable environment designed to client specifications.

Hardened Structures has available silos or bunkers in the following states which are immediately available to be purchased and retrofitted for any purpose:

Hardened Structures Missile Silo/Telecom Bunkers for Sale

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